The most important investment you can make is in yourself.
— Warren Buffett


**Initial Intake session: 60 minutes Individual $100 / 75 minutes couples $130

50 minutes Individual session $90

60 minutes couples session $110

90 minutes couples session $150

group session varies






One of the first questions I get is "Do you take insurance?" and the answer is I do not. Let me explain why. 

I feel it's important for my clients to get the most effective counseling and also to have full privacy throughout the therapeutic process. By providing private payment, you will have full privacy since I am not obligated to provide your insurance company with sensitive information about you or our counseling sessions. Also, managed care companies often dictate the number of sessions allowed and I feel that should be a decision you and I make together. 

Insurance benefits can only be used to treat an illness; therefore, a diagnosis of a mental health disorder is required that becomes part of your permanent medical record. This information could be used against you in the future when applying for life insurance, disability claims, pistol permits, etc. If you do not use insurance then there is no need to diagnose. 

That being said, the majority of my clients are struggling in their marriage or their need for change, not with mental illness. They need support to explore changes they want in their relationships and themselves. These clients just want to learn new strategies and obtain tools that help them make the desired changes in their life and these cases are not something that qualifies as "medically necessary" under a health insurance plan. Insurance does not typically cover marriage-related issues unless they have been assessed and diagnosed with a mental disorder; nor do they cover self-improvement.

Many insurance policies may reimburse for out-of-network providers (which would be me) but this is usually only after a deductible has been met. Check with your insurance provider directly to understand your specific coverage. If you wish to invite your managed care company into our therapeutic relationship and would like me to provide you with an invoice with the required information needed for you to submit to your provider for reimbursement, then I will do so. But know, you will be responsible for payment at the time of service and your provider will not process your claim without a diagnosis of a mental disorder. 

To conclude, I want to work for YOU, not managed care. I believe there is value in seeing a therapist that you chose on factors beyond insurance plan participation.

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact me. 


Cancellation/No Show Fee

I have a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. Cancellations require a 24 hours notice. I will have to charge you for the full session fee if  cancellation is made within 24 hours of your scheduled session or you do not show.