Local Resources

emergency resources

Call 911- when you need IMMEDIATE assistance and for a life or death situation

Call 211- Lifeline or (585) 275-5151- Mobile Crisis Team

Visit any hospital emergency room

mental health Resources

Mental Health Association- 585-325-3145- http://mharochester.org/MHA

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill- 585-423-1593- http://namirochester.org

Depression and Bipolar support Alliance- 585-234-8432- http://www.dbsaroch.org

support resources

Alcoholics Anonymous - 585-232-6720 - https://www.rochester-ny-aa.org

Narcotics Anonymous- 585-235-7889- http://rochesterny-na.org

Al-ANon/ Al-ATeen- 585-288-0450 - http://www.aisrochester.org/index.html

Alternatives for Battered Women - 585-232-5200- http://www.abwrochester.org

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website- http://www.ndvh.org/

Teen Dating Violence - 800-579-5790- https://www.justsayyes.org/topics/dating-violence/


What to do if you’re worried about suicide- https://childmind.org/article/youre-worried-suicide/

Suicide among Pre Adolescents - http://www.apa.org/monitor/2010/10/suicide.aspx

Childhood Depression -https://www.theguardian.com/society/2002/jun/30/mentalhealth.observermagazine

Online Resources

SAMHSA's Suicide- http://www.samhsa.gov/prevention/suicide.aspx
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education - http://www.save.org/
Suicide: Read This First - http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/

Suicide Awareness


Answers to Your Questions About Panic Disorder - http://apa.org/pubinfo/panic.html
National Center for PTSD - http://www.ncptsd.va.gov/
Obsessive Compulsive Information Center Calm Clinic - http://miminc.org/aboutocic.asp

Anxiety Disorders

Childhelp USA® - http://www.childhelp.org/

Questions and Answers about Memories of Childhood Abuse - http://www.apa.org/topics/trauma/memories.aspx

child abuse

Bipolar Disorder News - Pendulum.org - http://www.pendulum.org/
Depression and How Therapy Can Help - http://www.apa.org/topics/depress/recover.aspx


Christian Counseling Education Foundation Blog- https://www.ccef.org/resources/blog

Christian Counseling Education Foundation podcast- https://www.ccef.org/podcast-on-the-go

American Association of Christian Counselors- http://www.aacc.net/blog/

Paul Tripp Ministries - https://www.paultripp.com/articles

Biblical Counseling Coalition - https://www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/resources3/

Desiring God - http://www.desiringgod.org/topics/counseling/all

christian resources

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