Coping Strategies to Deal With Infidelity

Everybody copes. Coping is necessary to move through life. Anything that is thrown at us, we
need to learn how to cope with. The problem is, not everyone knows or chooses the helpful and
healthy way to cope. Many people choose the unhelpful, unhealthy, “feel good in the moment”
way to cope to get through it. Unfortunately, that is not going to help anyone in the long run.

5 Steps to Manage After Infidelity

So here you are completely shocked, you have no words and you suddenly are numb. The spouse you once thought you knew inside and out has revealed to you a side you never fathomed existed. They shared with you the reality of their infidelity. The emotions you feel, if you are able to feel any, are so overwhelming you are unsure of what to do next.

8 Causes of Infidelity and Betrayal

There are common signs or factors that can potentially lead to infidelity and I want to discuss those here with you because this can be helpful for those of you who might be a marriage where it may not be great and infidelity has not occurred but the possibility is not out of reach. It is important to not take our marriage for granted, also to be aware of the emotional state of our marriage.

5 Critical Communication Errors

5 Critical Communication Errors

So you’ve been there right? Where you are having a conversation with your partner and all of a
sudden it takes a nose dive into complete hostility and anger? You both are spewing out hurtful
words and arguing over something so stupid. You look back and wonder “how in the world did
we go from that to this?” It seems as though more times than not your conversations always end
in argument. Though your intentions may be good, the direction ends up all wrong.